11 Year Anniversary Event



As we mark the 11-year anniversary of the Cammie Johnson event, we wanted to share with you
11 things we would do with Cammie if we had 11 more hours:


  • We would tell her that we love her

  • We would tell her how proud we are of her

  • We would listen to music and dance

  • We would sing, together. (She always got stage fright if she had to sing alone)

  • We would cook dinner together

  • We would sit and listen to her tell us anything that was on her mind

  • We would plan a trip to camp

  • We would tell her how she has inspired us to help others

  • We would share letters and photos of those with diabetes that have been helped in her name

  • We would tell her about the great students that we’ve helped become even greater nurses, to make sure that her dream of being a nurse is realized many times over

But mostly...

  • We would hold her, and hug her, and cry, and laugh, and cry, and never let go


We were talking to friends the other day about Cammie, and how she was such a courageous young lady.  We often think about what she would have become, the life she would have had, and the people she would have helped.   


During our conversation (and there were a lot of tears) we discussed the day that we had been picking out the flowers for her funeral; in that horrific moment, we had been unable to avoid the thought that we should have been picking out flowers for her wedding.  


In that collision of what was and what should have been, there was an awful sense of tragic loss, one that is impossible to put into words. In that instant, though, it also struck us to not let that be the end.  Instead, we wanted to do something to continue her legacy.  And here we are 10 years later, still celebrating our Cammie’s life, and giving back to our community.


We hope that you’ll support our benefit this year, and think about 11 ways in which you can make a difference.  Perhaps bring 11 friends to the benefit?  Perhaps connect with 11 of your family members you haven’t spoken to in a while and reconnect? Cammie would have loved that.


As parents we, of course, would wish for more time with Cammie.  As people dedicated to helping individuals with diabetes live full and successful lives, we need your help to make sure that parents buy only wedding corsages and are never again left wondering what could have been. 


We look forward to seeing you at the benefit.

11 Year Anniversary Event

September 28, 2019

Tanglewood Greens 

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